Sugar Mule # 42

Tina Bass, Guy Begbie, John Bloomberg-Rissman, cris cheek, Allen Fisher,
Gregorio Fontèn, Anne Gorrick, Jill Jones, Steve Hanson, Jeff Harrison, Kate Ladew, Jude Cowan Montague, Sheila Murphy, Simon Perchik, Tony Rickaby,
Matt Robertson, Robert Sheppard, Derek Shiel, Lawrence Upton

                                                                                              graphic by Lawrence Upton

Guest editor's EDITORIAL NOTE:

I am grateful to M. L. Weber for his invitation to guest-edit this issue of Sugar Mule. It has been hard work, as one would expect, but I have enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the result.

I took as my starting point the unsolicited submissions. I read them all as attentively as possible and I assured those whose work I did not accept that they are welcome to resubmit to future editors. This message was communicated in a variety of forms, some abbreviated. I did write a pro forma, but, as far as I remember, I did not use it; I don't know why.

Also, I solicited work from those whose work I have liked and admired, and some of that work tends to cross genres, with an emphasis on the sonic and or the graphic, including the asemic, sometimes to a considerable degree.

That is somewhat reflected in some work that I offer here; but what is here hardly reflects all the ground I have in mind: I have not attempted to anthologise, merely to take a wide view of the territory of Poetry and to work with material on offer.

My list of potential invitees was much too long to implement in full and I undertook a staged and invidious task of prioritising, with numerous conflicting criteria which remain unreconciled; I went cautiously to be sure that I did not lay too heavy a burden upon the publisher; and I am grateful to those who responded speedily towards the end.

Where work is unavailable from poets whom I invited, I looked to others' work. I shall, however, mention Peter Manson (Scotland), Chris Goode and Michael Weller (both England) and Martin Gubbins (Chile) whose hard work in other areas means they were not in a position to offer work to Sugar Mule; that was a big disappointment. Do look out their poetry if you have the time. Another I contacted whom I would praise as an artist might not welcome being named; I have no idea; I regret not being able to include them so that people can read them.

Thank you to all concerned for this opportunity

Lawrence Upton
Surrey, UK
January 2013