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Cara Chamberlain

Mary Magdalene Came to the Tomb Early, While it was Still Dark 

	 John 20:1

When the morning star rises, she dresses and goes out, arms full of mint for the cleansing.
Once, she'd been fearful. Even the frills of peonies  wine-dark  seemed to conspire.

Now she dips well water, cleans His face and hands. With incremental lightening of the barren 
hills, she breathes, sings  floating past His death.

Mary's fear dissolves: to kiss her now is to fly from nerve and muscle. If He's flesh and 
drink, she's incandescence  guide, teacher, soul.

Cara Chamberlain's work has appeared in Boston Review, The Southern Review, Tar River Poetry, Passages North, and similar journals and has been featured by Poetry Daily, and she has received three Pushcart Prize nominations. She is the author of two collections, Hidden Things (2009) and The Divine Botany (forthcoming).

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