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Kelli Simpson

How to Write a Poem or Bust Ice

          lessons from a farm pond in winter

Grab a sledge hammer.
Toe the edge.
Use a full overhead swing.
Expect to get wet.

The Poem Introduces Itself

The poem introduces itself, ringing
the buddha bells by my back porch swing,
and I attend

on aching knees
to the stanza and whisper
of the cut grass breeze

and sip from a cup
filled for me
with belonging.

Rough Draft

After I'm dead this rough draft
scribbled fast on a dried up
wet wipe scrounged from the backseat
floorboard of my truck
is gonna be fucking priceless, man.
Better pony up.

Kelli Simpson is a stay-at-home mom. She is also a full-time poet, contributing author of two poetry books, and avid blogger. Her work has appeared in The Reverie, Curio Poetry, and the anthology Oklahoma Poems and Their Poets. Her poem Summer Reading was shortlisted in the Shiny Poetry Competition. She makes her home in Norman, Oklahoma, loves Thunder basketball, and avoids all things gluten.

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