Please follow the general guidelines below.

For all open issue submissions please email: weberwriter AT gmail DOT com


Sugar Mule does not pay for accepted work(s) at this time.

We wish had grant or advertising money to pay for such

--we are always exploring possibilities so check back if that is a concern for you.


Sugar Mule wishes to use only new material

not seen before elsewhere on the internet.


As to rights, you retain all rights to your work; we retain none.


Before submitting, please check the READING SCHEDULE of upcoming issues

(on the 2nd page of the website),

as there are periods when we do not read submissions for some time.


Otherwise, we welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, and all genres of non-fiction--

however search engine restrictions force SM

to put certain words in this form: "f---" for example.


Website Contributors’ Guidelines

Submit ONLY VIA EMAIL or by email file attachment

if by file attachment be sure to include YOUR NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS
on every page of the attached file

send files in any version of
an MS Word or an .rtf:
or you can paste into an email if you have no words in bold or italics

If accepted you MAY be required to bracket any italicized or bolded words
in your work with the HTML marks <i> and </i>; and <b> and </b>,
respectively--but you can submit work without doing that

NOTE: if your poetry uses irregular lines that are horizontally spaced like:

the rain

                         in Spain

DO NOT send them with the spacing dependent
on the word-processing MARGIN RIGHT command or TABS;
REPLACE all such with spacing by use of the space bar key;

(the reason is that it is hard to reproduce
such spacing in HTML code for the website
unless it is done with the space bar)