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The following section is for those interested in Walt Whitman.

Wallace Stevens said:
In the far South the sun of autumn is passing
like Walt Whitman walking along a ruddy shore.
He is singing and chanting the things that are part of him,
The worlds that were and will be, death and day.
Nothing is final, he chants. No man shall see the end.
His beard is of fire and his staff is a leaping flame.

D. H. Lawrence said:

"Whitman, the great poet, has meant so much to me. Whitman,
the one man breaking a way ahead."

William Carlos Williams said:

"I think our one major lead as Americans is to educe
and exploit the significance of Walt Whitman's formal
excursions--And nothing else!"

William James said:

Whitman discovered "the kind of fiber . . . which is the material
woven of all the excitements, joys, and meanings that ever will
be in this world."

Harold Bloom said:

"Whitman is the greatest artist his nation has brought forth....
One always wants to start fresh with Whitman and read him as
as though he has never been read before...Whitman, like Shakespeare
...tempts me to confront greatness directly, as though I could
be alone with his work...try to read as though you were Adam
early in the morning."


If you have writings related stylistically to Whitman:
please send such submissions now;
otherwise submit your work only during reading periods noted above.

If accepted, all Whitman-inspired work
appears in an on-going "gathering" issue (see link above)


To read essential poems by Walt Whitman himself, please click here.


If you wish to submit a Whitman inspired poem
check the "submission details" on this page and always
put your name and email address inside your attached Word or rtf file.

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