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M. L. Weber - Editor's Page

Comments from reviewers:

". . . a gentle-voiced shaper of distilled and fleeting 
impressions; he is a poet, moreover, who has a uniquely
intuitive sense of enoughness."
- Publisher's Weekly "The lines are clean; the elusive yet (one feels) honest
tracking of the emotions comes through in poem after poem.
Weber is on course."
- Library Journal

". . . very moving and full of grace (human). Weber's powers
for me are in his ability to handle an incremental flux of
detail . . . the shorter poems have a strong, almost 'flat,'
clarity of perception."
- Robert Creeley "The long poem, 'Oikos,' is magnificent."
- Joel Oppenheimer

"We are given indelible flashes into a multi-faceted but
comprehensible sphere. . . . His poems have the charged response
of pointillist painting: the specks of color, shades of meaning
delineating the luminous reality."
- Mary Sweeney

". . . strong, clear, full of that inner greet which we all
as readers need."
- Muriel Rukeyser (judge of the International
Poetry Forum's U.S. Award, who choose 48 Small
Poems from a group of 1300 manuscripts)

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