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Robin Wyatt Dunn
Matter and Sky

This is the stellar body,
And this the ant,
This the troubadour's glance.

Shape these spinning static frequencies,
So you will know who you are,
And where you stand.


Who knows this spine is serpent,
It is mold,
Who knows the word who calls me into oft the spine
When I am singing?

On the Day When the President Declared You A Person of Interest

The body of work,
Without exegesis,
Holding its scythe.


We know the black hole by the stars,
As we know the bachelor in black,
By the lady he whirls.

Your eyes,
Undulating in their rhymes,
Gleeful and surprised inside their horrifying joy,
Catch the limbs I kept away,
And hurtle me towards the edge,

jesus v superman

The jew and the galaxy
The winding night,
The smell of the barbershop,
The man of steel and the old Persian dreamer:
I just want to hear some rhythm, Springsteen,
So ten me over this chapter of the century,
And give us the long lonely,
Give us this long lonely,
And let's see Jesus leap the tall building in a single bound,
Supercop is lonely,
The kryptonite is coming,
And Lex Luthor needs a new pair of shoes!

Radio nowhere broadcasting out of Supermensch's skull,
Superman wins!

Lonely wins, it's supercop it's a surprise,
I can see the lonely in his eyes.

The police state lives inside,
Inside your neighbor's eye and inside yours,

Superman:  what should we do about the Jew?

What should we do about the human race?

We're gonna go and go and go and go,
Ain't no resurrection cept insurrection,
The live night long americoni,
Cheap bologna and the Tony Soprano daydream,
Cut fast and low,
Like your hat of Marlowe,
The Jew and the Galaxy,
Jesus Superman,
Our dreamers got the marker right at fore,
Our ash wednesday is plutonium surprise,
We're gonna colonizo Mars.

Robin Wyatt Dunn lives in southern California and is the author of three novels. He was born in the Carter Administration. You can find him at www.robindunn.com.

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