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Jessica Baer

Antler Axile

Damaged tele
vision noise
analog rechorder para 
normal stimuli
I was a boon
impacted roof 
off kilter & parallax stills

Cargo cult-ship
flattens landscape shuttle
panoramic ark and saw
obliquely lateral
abuts diorama zero
figures power thru
shapes manifold
dimension streels its pano
ply unlidded terrarium

composing contiguous
w/ green pith

sand stone manufactures 
dromedary terminal vanishing points sky
lines up
an iridescent hazard
lights floundering channels warmgreen tele
paths lenticular dots holey differing 
perspective facing

cellulates auto
mated trans
finitudinal when

we greaser's palace
we pithwet unfolded
& altarfuzzed

analog noise cellulates 
enter chambers in
extends the lateral
we shifted
tonal magic
lantern boxes its shoulders
up right channels 
analog rechorder para
normal arms you tape
real & flickering partial
ly other moonself synchronous over
laid down 
dismantled blanketland
dead in a coach to align
ment of parts
blind zoned the
center was faster

out pacing tape's
torn thru antler reach axile
wave trans
formers we each
other interpolate thru 
onemouth stymied 
consonance holding
contiguous domes backs flexed
arked beyond cog
nitive dissonance either

decoders ring close
centered at arctic base

Jessica Baer received her BA in Creative Writing from Georgia State University in 2011. She lives and does field recordings in Jersey City. Her work has been featured in Fruita Pulp and Horse Less Review, and is forthcoming in Deluge Journal and Similar:Peaks::. She has a lifetime ban from Whole Foods and loves horses.

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