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David Gale

My offers of I
                                  (for Peter Sansom)
I offer you I;
my iron rod,
the fibre of my word rope,
the one stroke
with which to express my self,
a mark as pointed as a spear,
my signless pole
stripped down
all bare
as measly as a fish bone.

I offer you i;
the isle of my childishness,
the -ic of my craft,
the launch pad and capsule
for the spill of my drop,
my hesitant dot, or poise
for the upbeat flick
in my line's breath,
my initial initial
of a body in growth.

I offer you I;
the column and plinth,
classically traced,
parent, editor,
or the girder
with clown's feet
and bifurcated rim,
steady yet top heavy
in my vernacular ah
which labours attention
in an underline and overline
of indulgent

David Gale is a member of Poetry Swindon in the UK although he now lives in Gloucester. He has been published in Domestic Cherry, The Interpreter’s House, South and South Bank Poetry

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