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William Messenger

Homo Eruptus


That I can speak, that there is something to speak with before my voice.

That this prior index is properly distinct as array and not the animals pathos.


My first word then, a debut in reference and whos entry was made ready for,

the teachers were saying here is your place in the integration, we have been waiting for you,

waiting for you to utter.


Homo Empathos


That you can go is a truth of your presence.

That you are a slack-jawed tiger is always possible.
We will dress ourselves in garments

not unlike ourselves one bit

[they undress and paint their bodies];

the perfect sign,

identical with its warring self.

Exposed the alms and the paint of mutism.




Adulation for verbs


A trespass none the less


An expert anarchist

with tools

and a diet of sense

watch I shall sit

a mole, an honest fraud

A writer who has

cracked nouns

in the alleyway,

who is not

very sly

who by guilt

for the slaving

must reinvest

To say the name
of the omert,

an honest fraud

with thin cigarette

in alleyway

with paparazzi


The fruits make up a city

The city is unlawful


William Messenger studies Philosophy (BA) at Birkbeck College in London. He lives in the Bloomsbury area where he frequents the libraries and cafes of the the historic literary quarter. He is also devoted to music making and enjoys botany.

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