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Aleph Altman-Mills

Electric Breezes

Inside the laptop is a quiet world
that soaks through my hands and fills me with birds. 
Here someone is whisper-screaming along
to every movie and song. Pennies seep down underwater
one after another in necklaced rows. And there is always a petaled hand
reached out to hold.

How You Are

I see someone on the subway,
or crouched onstage or dangling their feet
off a bridge, and they have skin that is nothing more
than skin and they are held on the tongue
of a perfect sky.

And I want to say,
tell me how you did that
but I know they don't even know what they did.

Aleph Altman-Mills is an autistic writer who collects acorns and likes to buy books other people have already written on. She has been published in The Legendary. She blogs and posts poetry snippets at really-fucking-confused.tumblr.com; poetry prompts are at darlingghosts.tumblr.com.

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