Essential Poetry of Walt Whitman (1819-1892)


   This project came about as a desire to fashion a biography 
relating the poetry to specific life experiences of Whitman 
and to select poems for that study that seemed most appealing for 
for the today's readers around the world.  Such a selection should
be printed in a form to fulfill Whitman's stated wish that his poems 
be read out of doors, so such a selection would be pocket-sized.

   Another consideration was that in looking on the internet for 
such a selection, I found none and even finding easy access 
to the poems without some interrupting scholarly matter or 
idiosyncratic webmaster's design stylizations seemed too 
difficult a task for most readers attempting such a search.

   The biography and the on-line Whitman poetry selection are 
still works-in-progress.  One suggestion for the interested 
Whitman reader after reading the "essential poetry" (given here)
is to compare variant versions Whitman wrote of particular poems:
click here for such explorations.
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